We provide:

– The highest quality at very affordable prices.
– An in-house design department. The possibility of producing any design using up to eleven colors. We work closely with your designers and produce free laser design prints and samples of color and design.
– Flexibility.
– Fast production times.
– The possibility of different and custom widths which minimizes wastage and reduces installation time.
– Door to door delivery worldwide.
– Electronic Jacquard Looms.
– We have the CE Mark ensuring that our carpets are always manufactured under the European regulations.
– We comply with the international fire regulations.
– We can meet any of your technical specifications and also assist you in specifying your carpet.
– Please contact us. We will be delighted to help you.

Woven Possibilities

Antonio Perez Adsuar, S.A. Imperial Carpets is specialized in the production of woven carpets and rugs:

  • Axminster Woven Carpet

  • Wilton Woven Carpet

  • Flatweave Carpet

In Axminster Woven Carpet we can produce any design up to 11 frames in all cut pile.

In Wilton Woven Carpet we can produce any design up top 3 frames in all cut pile, all loop pile or combinations of cut & loop pile.

In Flatweave depending on the design we can produce any design up to 5 colours.